back back One of my first guitars, simple setup: "Floyd Rose" whammy, one volume, one humbucker. All in all a bit rustic but a solid workhorse which survives every "metal" gig!
Kramer "Beretta" 1985
Bought in L.A. for 800 $ at Nadine's. Enormous output coming from the  "Jackson" active pickup's and it was the guitar used for the first solo with TD on the track "Radio City" from 1989 studio album "Lily on the beach". Also used on TD's 1990 U.K. tour!
Charvel “Black” 1988
Another blasting output through "Jackson" active pickups. Was "backup" guitar on TD's U.K. tour 1990 and got played on several gigs. Please refer to the picture gallery on this website for live images.
Charvel "Desert Crackle" 1989
Build and modfied to my specifications with an active "EMG" pickup system. Very good sounding and fast to play! Used as main guitar on all USA 1992 tour gigs and can also be heard on the TD releases "220 volt" and "Arizona"
Ibanez "540S" 1992
Custom build guitar with "Sustainiac" pickup which generates an endless sustain (well as long as batteries provide power) and this guitar needs two of them (9v blocks). Used on TD's 1990 U.K. tour, "Melrose" album 1990 and "Tyranny of Beauty" album 1995.
Hamer "Chaparral" Custom 1990
This one belongs to my girlfriend (we've met while taking guitar lessons, years ago). Nothing special musically but emotionally!!
Hohner "Professional" Strat 1987
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Custom build guitar from french (at that time) company "LAG". I don't know what happened to them (must check) cause this guitar is a masterpiece made with best materials. I've only changed the pickups to active ones by EMG. Backup on TD's USA tour 1992.
LAG Custom 1991
Another "Saber II" model with my usual changes (active pickups). Very good playability and appearance, so I've used this one in London at the "Shepherd's Bush Empire" gig 2005 and in Berlin, "Tempodrom" gig in 2006.
Ibanez "Saber" Black/Green 1995
Yeah, a real classic from the old TD days. A 12 string Ovation accoustic that was used on my favorite TD album "Force Majeure" from 1979. This guitar came to new glory *lol* on my solo albums "Neptunes" and "Shiver me timbers"
Ovation 12 String 1977
Jerome & Edgar Guitars: Stage Left - UK Tour 1990
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