Jerome Froese - The Speed Of Snow (EP) Originally, it was not supposed to happen that our free download goodie should find it's way on a regular CD release. Then, out of the blue a small label from USA asked us for a license. Expect to get some real first-rate guitartronica music from Jerome. For the sake of fairness the title track is still downloadable for free.
Jerome Froese - Preventive Medicine (EP) Preventive Medicine needed? We'll help! First aid comes in terms of our "Preventive Medicine" EP which is meant to be a follow up to the 2007 release "Precooked Munchies". It contains four new tracks incl. one from Jerome's next studio album “Far Side Of The Face” which is currently scheduled for late 2011.
Jerome Froese - Nightshade Family (Live Album) The live album of the same name from Jerome Froese is coming up. It will contain the whole set from his "Neptunes" gig(s) and therefore is a great addition to all owners of Jerome's first solo album.
Jerome Froese - Einzelkind (EP) First part of the “Moonloop” series, announced some time ago. Every issue of this product will contain a specific motto and two titles of music with an undetermined length. As a special treat, the first 15 copies of every edition will be unique and handcrafted CD-R's made by Jerome himself with 15 special visual themes of the motto.
Info: Year: 2008 Tracks: 3 Label: Ricochet Dream/Moonpop Cat.No.: RD044 Media: CD (ltd. 1000 copies)
Info: Year: 2010 Tracks: 4 Label: Moonpop Cat.No.: moon ltdcd-002 Media: CD (ltd. 500 copies)
Info: Year: 2011 Tracks: 13 Label: Moonpop Cat.No.: moonCD-704 Media: CD
Info: Year: October 17th 2011 Tracks: 2 Label: Moonpop Cat.No.: moon loop-001 Media: CD (ltd. 500 copies)
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